Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS 2022 - Staying ahed of the curve 

Thursday, 22 September 2022, Google Europaallee

Even though the pandemic has transitioned into an endemic, uncertainty remains. With the geopolitical situation at its worst state in decades, companies face challenges that have been unheard of in recent years. In a world where change is all around us, companies need to adapt in record time in order to withstand the pressure of the market. Cycles of change are shorter than ever and it has never been more important to stay ahead of the curve. 

Growth in an uncertain market remains a demanding task for companies. Our understanding of strategic advantages is being reshaped and our perception of the new tomorrow starts today. The conference will shed light on the latest trends in the M&A industry and give you an exclusive insight into what the future might look like. 

The demand for a sustainable future is still growing and the financial sector plays a crucial role in expanding in that direction. Explore the green opportunities ahead and dig deeper into how M&A transitions companies and the future towards a greener planet. Experts in this field will share their experiences on how to achieve the goal of a prosperous and green future. 

We are pleased to invite you to the sixth M&A forum organised by Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum on 22 September 2022 to discuss in detail current trends and challenges of the M&A market. Join us for a comprehensive day discussing M&A matters in plenary sessions, workshops and presentations that will provide you with the right tools for business success.

You can find more information and the registration here